the wave-dancers

Quite honestly, I am trying to create an about page. It keeps changing, so if you visit regularly, you'll probably be in for a new story / description / whatever happens to be posted here, next.

photo, right: this is my first Christmas with George. I was eight years old, convinced that the more often I wore plaid skirts, the more likely it would be that I'd receive my invitation to Hogwarts, at eleven... and more than anything, I'd wanted a dog. In November of 2003, my parents let me go "visit" an ASPCA adoption event, reminding me (as usual) that we were just looking, we were not going to get a dog (emphasis on the not). Next thing I knew, I was swearing I'd do anything to have him.... and soon after, he was sitting on my lap, on our way home.
I'd come to find out about agility in the most unusual fashion. It was probably early 2006, just another day of pretending he was a falabella, and leading him over "trotting poles" (groundwork for his future hunter career ;)) when I decided to go on *shocker* the internet... and to my surprise, I found that they did have a "showjumping / hunter" for dogs. I began to delve into KC agility... and quickly became obsessed.  
"Tunnel Game" at the 2011 Howl-O-Ween Match

Not long after, I found a whole online community of juniors, based on youtube and began to educate myself on foundation, equipment and other training methods.

 Finally, in October of 2010 we attended our first fun match (post // video), which shed some new light on what we still needed to learn / improve on. September of 2011, I met Megan, who I don't think I could ever thank enough. She's taught me so much about dog training, I can say with confidence, we wouldn't be close to where we are now without her! In 2011 we debuted in NADAC (post // video) which earned George two legs towards his NAC title.
In the fall, I will be attending SSU... and hopefully, I'll be able to continue to compete in agility with George. I could not ask for a better teammate or more loyal best friend.

George is registered with the name "Mischief Managed" which takes us back to Harry Potter, where George is also jokingly referred to as the Weasley twin. (I was hoping Dumbledore would make an exception to their cat/ rat/ toad rule with him...)